Importance Of Self Awareness In Personality Development

Self Awareness makes you a better person. It teaches you Empathy, Tolerance, Humility, and Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses. It also helps you in Skills Development, to become Likable, Reduces Stress and gives Motivation.

Self awareness (self conscious) for success and personality development

Why You Must Be Self Aware

Self awareness is a process of understanding one's personality traits, value systems, beliefs, natural inclinations and tendencies. It is the self-reflection to gain a better insight into oneself.

Self awareness is mainly comprised of three specific capabilities :

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Accurate Self Assessment

  • Self Confidence


Emotional Self Awareness :

It is the recognition of your own feelings or emotions and how they affect your performance. It is better to understand your feelings and emotions, and make changes, if required, to achieve your goals.


Accurate Self Assessment:

Self-Assessment is a judgment, sometimes for official purposes, that you make about your abilities, qualities, or actions. 

It makes you aware of your abilities and limitations. It helps you to correct weaknesses (limitations) and improve strengths (abilities). Accurate self-assessment is key to success of every ‘star performer’. If you have great accurate self-assessment capability you are more likely to pay attention to all forms of feedback and make necessary modifications in your behavior in order to achieve your goals.


Self Confidence:

It enables you to have realistic perception of your abilities. It is characterized by personal attributes such as assertiveness, pride, enthusiasm, optimism, affection, independence, trust, the ability to handle criticism and emotional intelligence (maturity). A balance in self confidence, not too much or too little, is important and directly affects your opportunity to achieve success in any endeavor.


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Self awareness (self conscious) for success and personality development

Importance of Self Awareness

It is important because when we have better understanding of ourselves, we are empowered to make changes and to build on our areas of strength as well as identity areas where we would like to make improvements. Self awareness is the first and most important step to goal setting.

Now let me tell you how Self Awareness makes you better person.

1. Empathy

Self awareness helps you to empathize with other people. Being able to put yourself in another person’s place, so that you can understand how the other person feels. It does not mean to allow others to make excuses for their actions, but that one can find a way to understand their actions by seeing things from their perspective.


2. Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

Self awareness enables you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you want to be ‘Successful’ you should often ask feedback from others relating to your strengths and weaknesses. This would enable you to correct weaknesses, and improve the strengths

Self awareness (self conscious) for success and personality development


3. Tolerance

Self awareness improves the virtue of tolerance. When you know your faults, it is easier to accept the faults of others. Tolerance also helps you to improve relations with other people.


4. Humility

Self awareness also develops the virtue of humility in you. It allows you to understand that one is not always perfect. It enables you to be humble and polite towards others.


5. Likable

If you are self aware, it increases the chances that other people will like you. It enables you to see other people's viewpoints, to be open and flexible, makes you more attractive and likable by others.


6. Skills Development

Self awareness reveals the gap between your current situation and your desired future situation. This gap enables you to develop skills required to achieve the desired future goals.


7. Developing Intuitive Decision-Making Skills

Leaders who have well developed emotional self awareness are more effective intuitive decision makers. In complex situations, intuitive decision makers process large amounts of (sometimes unstructured and ambiguous) data, and they choose a relevant course of action based on a ‘gut feeling’ or a ‘sense of what they feel right’.

This type of decision making capability is becoming more important for managers as the rate of change and the levels of uncertainty and complexity in their competitive environments increase.


8. Reduces Stress

Self awareness may help you to reduce stress. A good understanding of your ownself enables you to handle those activities which are more suitable to your personality traits, value system, and so on. Therefore, with good degree of self awareness, you would be less stressful than others.


9. Motivation

Self awareness can be a motivating factor to improve performance. Due to self awareness you are likely to handle those jobs which are more suitable to your capabilities. This would result in self motivating experience, as well as higher performance. The higher performance may result in higher rewards in terms of appreciation, promotion, incentives, and so on.

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Download this image and follow the tips in it to develop and increase self awareness -

How to develop and increase Self awareness

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and learned the importance of self awareness and how to develop it.

I look forward to see you  develop this essential skill in you. 🍄


Be Self Conscious!

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