101 Royal Attitude Status In English, Best Whatsapp Status Attitude For You!

Royal Attitude Status in English for you. Do you want some attitude status in english. Here I am with the best Whatsapp Status Attitude.

Your Attitude is the reflection of your personality.

Attitude is the way you look, interpret and react to the activities happening around you. Sometimes you need to be soft & gentle to others; but at times you have to keep Savage Attitude to deal with the haters.

Here are best Royal Attitude Status in English to show your personality. Upload this Attitude Status for WhatsApp & Facebook now!

Royal Attitude Status in English for WhatsApp & FB

Royal Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp & Facebook

Do you want the best attitude status for FB and WhatsApp to express yourself? We have collected this perfect attitude status in English only for you:
Attitude Status In English

☝ BE YOURSELF 😊. Because an Original 💯 is Worth More Than Just A Copy.🌀

I Not Perfect 💯✨. But I Am Limited Addition.😏😎

I Am Not Sorry 😔 If You Don’t Understand My Level Of Thinking…😏🤩😎

I Forgive 🤗 But Never Forgot.🤨

🤫 Privacy is #Power🔋💪⚡ . What People don’t know they can’t ruin. *⃣

I Talk 🗣, I #Smile 😄, I Laugh Too 😆…

But Be #Careful 😳😧 When I’m #Silent…🤨🔥💪

☝ Your Attitude May Hurt Me💔😔, But Mine Can Kill 😈 You…. 😏

The Goal Is Not To Be Rich 💰💲, 🎯 The Goal Is To Be Legend 🤴😎

I want happier life - attitude status for FB

😇 I don’t wanna Perfect Life 💟… I wanna HAPPIER LIFE. 💝😊😘🎀🎊

☝ You Say I Dream Too Big 🤩💪. I Say You Think To Small. 👇

🤓 Of Course, I Talk To Myself 😌, Sometimes I Need Expert Advice.😉

There are two ways to be happy 😊: 1. Change your situation, or 2⃣Change your 🧠MINDSET towards it.

I am Awesome 👏✊👍, and I know it.😙


Cool Attitude Status in English

Tom & Jerry taught me that life is boring….without ENEMY’S

Be Crazy - Cool Attitude Status English

☝Be #CRAZY Enough To Know That 💓 YOU Can Do Anything In LIFE 🤙💪

🙋 I m a Puzzle 🎲, which U can’t Solve 💪😜

Two Fundamentals of Cool Life – 1⃣Walk Like You are The 🤴 King or 2⃣Walk Like You Don’t Care, Who is The King.😏

I Am 🔥Hot Dude With A 😎 Cool Attitude.

I’m Born to Express 😄, Not to Impress😜.

I am “Awesome” 😘😎Don’t Question it…❓Just Deal with it….😎😌

✊ Now I will do what’s Best for Me. 👍💯💪

You’re right. ✅   I’m NOT Perfect 💯✨But I’m Unique! 😎👑

Don’t copy My Attitude 🤫🔥 Because It’s My Attitude.😉

I may Win 🏆 and I may Lose 👎, but I will never be defeated ❌.

If your ego speaks with me 🤨 then My Attitude replies to you.😎😏


Attitude Status In English For FB (FaceBook)

Treat me like a Joke 🤨 and I’ll leave you Like it’s Funny. 😆😂😏

😎 Being Cool…. Is My Life Rule 💪💯

😀 Excuse Me!! I found something under my shoes 👞. Ohhh its your Attitude. 💥💢🔥

Royal Attitude Status In English For FB

I don’t 🙅‍♂ even expect people to ❤ like me anymore. ☝ I’m in my own World. 🌏🏝🏜

I speak for what I see 👀, I stand for what I Believe 🙏. I strive for what I Want… 🤩🤞✌

😎I Am Who I Am. 🤨 Your Approval Is Not Needed.

If you Want Me, Come & Get Me 🤗. If you want me to come 🤨, Forget It.🤙

Einstein – 😏Genius Mind! Bill Gates – 🔆Brilliant mind. ME – Never Mind!🧐😜😝😝


New WhatsApp Attitude Status English

You left without a reason 💔, So please ❎ don’t come back with an excuse 😤🤨.

😱 The Hardest Walk Is Walking #Alone ☝👤. But Its Also The #Strongest. 💪🤙


Those who know me 🙋, never doubt me ❎. Those who doubt me 😕, never knew me.

To be the #Best 👍💯 You must be able to handle the worst.💪🤙

😄I Live, 😘I Love, 🤬I Fight, 😭I Cry, But ☝I Never Give Up 🔥🤙💪

I hate 😡 when you have to be nice 😄 to the person you really want to throw a brick at. ☄💥

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Royal Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

If You Think you’re Bad🤨, Then I am Your DAD...😏👻

☝ A Bad Attitude Is Like A Flat Tire.💢You Can’t Go Anywhere 🚷 Until You Change It ♻💝

🤗 Adopting the RIGHT ATTITUDE 😊 can convert a Negative Stress 😖 into a Positive One ☝😊😄

Take me as I am 😌, not as you wish me to be.🧐

Hurt Me With Truth 👍💯 But Never Comfort Me With Lie.🤨😾

Attitude is 😙 A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference.🤠

😁 They laughed at me because I'M DIFFERENT 😎💎. I Laughed at them because They're All The Same.🧐🤓🤬


Attitude WhatsApp Status | Short Attitude Quotes

I’m not worried 🚫🤔 about losing people anymore. 😶 I’ve realised that they’re all going to leave at some point. ⌚⚓🏜

☝I don’t have an Attitude! Well, I just have a 😎 Personality🤘 you can’t handle.

🙋 I am a Good Enough 😇 person to #FORGIVE you.🙅‍♂ But not stupid enough to #TRUST you again! 🤨😏

I Don’t Need To #Show_Off 😏,Because They Know What I’m 😊 And What I Have.

Build your Empire - Short Attitude Quotes

👬👭 People will throw stones at you.🤨Don’t throw them back. Collect them all and build an Empire 🏰🏖💰💸

I don’t Treat people Badly, I Treat them Accordingly. 😏

To keep a Relationship 🤝✌, you must Keep Your Business To Yourself and Your Partner. ❎ The whole world doesnt need to know your problems 😰.


Love Attitude Status In English

Love is power that runs this whole world. So here are some of the best love attitude status in English for WhatsApp & FB.

(Check out this Love Poem in English) 
☝ Single Isn’t a #Status. 💠💮But it’s word that describes a person 👤Who is #Strong 💪 enough to #Live 🏝😊 and #Enjoy life 😊❤ without depending on others.

😍💓 Beauty captures your attention, but 😎 Personality captures your Heart.💘

Love Attitude WhatsApp Status in English

🧡 I Don’t Wait For Magical Moments 🔮I Create My Own Scenario…! 🏝🏖😊🏰💸

🤗 Choose Me or Lose Me. ☝I am not a backup plan, and definitely not a second choice.🤨

My “Last Seen At” Was Just To Check Your “Last Seen At”. 💓💝💓

🙅 Never Love Someone 💖💘 At The Cost Of Your 🌻Dignity And 🙏Self Respect...!!!💪

There’s a difference 👉❗👈 between somebody who Wants You 😘 and somebody who would 🔥💝 Do Anything To Keep You 💪😊.Remember that.☝

🙅 Never Give Up on Something You Love ❤😘💞💓

☝ If you dont want me 🤨, Dont fuck with my feelings.😡🤬


Best Attitude Status for Girls

Be A Girl 🙇‍ With A Mind 😏, A Bitch With An Attitude 🧛‍♀️, And A Lady With Class

Treat me like Queen - Attitude Status for Girls

Treat me like a Queen 👑💍👸 and I’ll treat you Like a King 🤴🏰. But If you treat me like a game 🎮🎲, I’ll show you how it’s played… 💥🤨😏

👍🏻 Above all be the 👸💃 Heroine of Your Life ❎ not the victim.

😲 अजीब सी आदत 💃 है अपनी,😾 नफरत हो या 💝 मोहब्बत 💘 बड़ी शिद्दत से करते हैं!

🙅 ना सजा 🤷‍ ना माफी. 😒 जलने वालों के लिए अपनी #Selfie 📷💁 ही काफी!😉

🤔 If You Think That You Can Play With My Emotions 💗, Mind It ☝;Playing With My Emotions Is LikePlaying With Fire...🔥🔥

🤓😍 देखेगा सपने मेरे 😴💭,😱 चैन खो जाएगा,ऐसे ना देख पगले 😊💗 प्यार हो जाएगा!💘

🔥Aag lagana #Meri_Fitrat main nahi, parLog meri #Sadgi 🧚‍♀️ se hi jal jaye usme  mera kya Kasoor…🤷‍

मेरा वाला थोड़ा लेट आएगा 🤦‍,पर लाखों में एक आएगा! 🤴

🙏 तुम मेरे साथ नही, 🤔 तो कोई बात नही.👸 शहजादी रोये तेरे लिए, 🤭 इतनी भी तेरी औकात नही….❗

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Top Attitude Status For Boys

Attitude Status For Boys पाना है मुकाम - KGF

🤓 पाना है मुकाम, वो मुकाम अभी बाकी है,📍 अभी तो जमीन पर आए हैं,⛅💫आसमान की उड़ान बाकी है!🔥

💕 Dear Girls, Stop comparing all guys with your ex. ❌ Not all of us are players and jerks.

📱 Phones Are Better Than Girlfriends 👩. At Least We Can Switch Off 📴 😆🤣.

अगर जिंदगी में शान 🤵 से जीना है तो 😃थोड़ा 😎 Attitude और 🕺 Style तो दिखाना पड़ता है!

🙄 कुछ सही तो कुछ खराब कहते हैं,लोग हमें बिगड़ा हुआ नवाब 🤴 कहते हैं!!

💰 रियासते तो आती जाती रहती हैं,मगर 🤴 बादशाही करना तो..आज भी लोग हम 😎 से सीखते हैं!😏

Control your B.P 💓📈 After watching my DP… 😍😘😝


Royal Attitude Status In English

Here are the best Royal Attitude Status In English for setting up your status on fire!
Inspirational Royal Attitude Status In English

If there is ☝ No One to Hold Your Hand, Put Your Hands 👐 in Your Pocket and CONTINUE YOUR WALK. 👍💯🚶🤘

🙂 My Circle Is Small 😘 BecauseI’m Into Quality 👍💯 Not Quantity!

I am 97% sure U don’t like Me 🧐🤪, But I’m 100% sure I Don’t care...😏😜😝

I’m a Good Person 😀. But don’t give me a reason 🤷‍♂ to show my evil side😈😡

❤😘 Love me or 😡👿 Hate me but you will never change me.🤨😏😉

❎ Don’t be Afraid of being Outnumbered, 🦅 Eagles Fly Alone. Pigeons flock together.

Every Mother gives Birth to a Child 👶. But my mother did not ! She gave birth to a ⚡🔥LEGEND🔥⚡.


Best Attitude Status English

😏 Attitude are #Contagious. 👉Make Yours Worth Catching… ✌🤘🤙

Nobody Can Give You Freedom 🌻🌊Nobody Can Give You Equality 💫 Or Justice 💜If You Are A Man 🔥💪, You Take It.🤦‍♂🤦‍♀

🌤 Everyday I come in with a 🔰Positive Attitude Trying To Get Better. 🐤🐥💖

I don’t go Crazy😜. I am Crazy 😌. I just go normal from time to time….😉

If you want Me 😊, let me know. If you don't ⛔, Please gently let me Go 🏃💨

I heard You are a Player🤘. Nice meeting you. Well, I am A Coach.😏🔥

Best of my Life - WhatsApp Status On Attitude

I have ✅ chosen to make 🕒 The Rest Of Life 🧡 - The Best Of My Life. 👍💯


Trending WhatsApp Status On Attitude

🙅 Nobody Can Play Your Role Better Than Yourself. 🤩😎

👉 Don’t Judge My Past. 🚫I Don’t Live There Anymore. 🤨😏

I Don’t Have Attitude Problem 🙃 I Just Have Personality… 🔥😎😏🤠🔥🤔 If they make you an option ☑🔡 make them your History. 📜🗞📖

I am not your toy 🐱🐥

If you ever think I am Ignoring You, I swear I am. My 📱 phone is in my hand 24×7 🕒

☝ I Never 💭Dream About Success 🏆💪. I Work For It. 👍💯


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