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My Knowledge Hunt is the blog for those who are life long learner; who are in search of real knowledge that will change their life for better.

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My Knowledge Hunt Typographic Logo

Here on myknowledgehunt.com we want to give you not the theory but practically proven knowledge and ways which you can directly apply in your life. Through which you can take actions to develop yourself. Here we introduce you with the books and other materials that will help you grow.

Hi, it's me Mr. Maverick, a teenage boy, who wants to share with you whatever stuffs I learn [which help me to make my life better]. I am quite confident that this things will help you in one or another way to tackle the hurdles in your life.

I started My Knowledge Hunt on 7th July, 2018. Analyzing my daily experiences with my friends, family and every other daily interactions with people, I noticed that we all have some kind of simple problems. But we make them big issues for ourselves, may be due to lack of proper understanding. 

So, here on MKH (My Knowledge Hunt), we will be sharing information about those topics, which we feel will help you.

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