Best Books Of All Time you must read to unleash your full potential. If you are looking for best self help books of all time then you are at right place.

Do you want to improve your self to live a happy, fulfilling life?

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Here are the best books of all time which are worth reading for self improvement  and to Unleash Your Full Potential and attain Financial, Emotional and Mental Freedom.

Best Books of all time Worth Reading For Self-Development And To Unleash Your Full Potential and Achieve Financial Freedom


This list consists of the books that are gems in self improvement and self development.

These books will shape your thoughts (about life, making money, relationship and every other aspect of life) to achieve massive success. They will hold your hand and walk you step-by-step to create an exciting life.


Best Self-Help Books Of All Time – You Must Read

Let’s look at these best books of all time in details:

The Power of your Subconscious Mind – by Joseph Murphy

The Power of your Subconscious Mind - by Joseph MurphyAbout Author:

Joseph Murphy is an American author who ordained in Divine Science and Religious Science.


About  Book:

It is an awesome book. This book expresses psychological aspects of mind in an understandable manner.

I must say that if you have any anxiety, Complications in your mind or if you are seeking any help about your troubles you must read this book. This book changed my perspective towards life. I found most of the answers which runs every time in my mind. This book solved my mind’s questions. The thoughts our inner thoughts which affects in many ways it can be either positive or negative this book will give a direction to your thoughts. Honestly, This book taught me my mind’s power. A must buy book & worth reading it.

This book will change your life for better. It is one of those books that have came as blessing to our lives. Read it, follow it, and you will see yourself as a new person.

Interested to read this Book! 


The Millionaire FASTLANE (Crack the code to the wealth and live Rich for Lifetime) – by M J DeMarco

The Millionaire FASTLANE - MJ DeMarco

About Author:
MJ Demarco is former founder and CEO of, multimillionaire entrepreneur, author, and the revolutionary “get rich slow” anti-guru.

Through his countless errors, failures and rigorous years of self-study, , MJ cracked the code to wealth. He shockingly discovered that it had nothing to do with jobs, mutual funds, 401(k)s, or penny-pinching your life away for forty years. He rejected society’s preordained “settle-for-less” financial roadmap, and retired young-in his thirties-without sacrificing his lifestyle.


About  Book:
This great book has changed my mindset. If you want to make huge money in short period of time; then this is one of the best books of all time you will ever read. It will explain you why you are in your current financial position and why will you continue to be there if you don’t take action. This book leaves no room for excuses from all angles. 

This book explains the actual philosophy of Money making. The Millionaire Fastlane will not only guide you through financial freedom but also through life”s decisions. If you want to make passive money then this is one of the best books of all time you must read.

Interested to read this Book! 

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind( Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth ) – by T. Harv Eker

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind ( Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth ) - by T. Harv Eker

About Author:
T. Harv Eker is a multimillionaire, and a well known coach who teaches us how to become rich. He firmly believes that thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, and actions ultimately lead to results. Thus, the key to attaining great wealth begins with thinking– thinking like rich people do.


About  Book:
Do you want to know what’s stopping you from achieving success? Then this might be the best books of all time you should read.
In this book he offers new ways of thinking and acting that will lead to new and different results, and he tells us, “Success is a learnable skill. You can learn to succeed at anything.”
This book emphasizes Eker’s 17 principles for making wealth, which include:
  • Rich people believe that they create their life, on the other hand poor people believe “life happens to me.”
  • Rich people focus on opportunities, contrary to which, poor people focus on obstacles.
  • Rich people take action in spite of fear, while poor people let their fear and insecurity to stop them.
  • Rich people constantly learn and keep growing, while poor people think they know enough.
  • And many more…

Thus, the book offers thought-provoking advice and valuable insight.

Interested to read this Book! 


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Awaken The Giant Within – by Anthony Robbins

Awaken The Giant Within - by Anthony Robbins

About Author:
Anthony Robbins is a philanthropist and #1 New York Times bestselling author. He lives in Palm Beach, Florida. Tony Robbins exemplifies his life coach teaching styles in a way that empowers the reader to self fulfillment. 

About  Book:
This book has to be in any best books of all time reading list. 

It forces you to conduct a reality check of ‘YOU’ and take a hard look in the mirror. It helps people to realize their flaws and “TAKE ACTION”.

Awaken the giant within is like a complete guide focusing on mastering every aspect of life. This book particularly stresses on lots of different techniques, ideas and practical methods which can be applied by all, in every aspects of life.

This book demonstrates how one can do something using a variety of methods developed by Anthony Robbins. Hence it has to be in our list of best books of all time you need to read.

Interested to read this Book! 


Think And Grow Rich ( Unleash the Secret to Success )  – by Napoleon Hill

Think And Grow Rich ( Unleash the Secret to Success ) - by Napoleon Hill

About Author:
Napoleon Hill was an American journalist, lecturer and author, and one of the earliest producers of ‘personal-success’ literature . Being author of self-help books, Hill has always abided by and promoted principle of intense and burning passion being the sole key to achieve success in life.

About  Book:
This edition contains commentary adding many more examples of today. It will definitely change the way you think about life and money. I believe that the methods described in the book can make anybody who follows them extremely successful. It is a must read for anybody who wants to be successful.

This is not a “get rich quick” book. This is the book that gives you the energy and the development of thinking, necessary to achieve your goals. It gives you information on how to develop the thinking process and mindset that helps to achieve something you desire.

Its divided into chapters with every chapter containing one or two stories about his life or his family’s or friend’s life.

Interested to read this Book! 


Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of the APJ Abdul Kalam – by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam & Arun Tiwari

Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of the APJ Abdul Kalam - by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Arun Tiwari

About  Book:

This is one of the most inspiring and motivating book I have ever read. Great salute to him for his invaluable contribution to Indian Rocketry.

Every common man who by his unbreakable determination and hard work achieves success should share his story with the rest for they may find inspiration and strength to go on, in his story. The ‘Wings of Fire’ is one such autobiography by our visionary scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He from very humble beginnings rose to be the President of India. The book is full of personal moments, insights and life experiences of Dr. Kalam. It offers us an understanding of his journey of success.

Dr. Kalam by narrating his life journey evokes the reader to identify with one’s inner fire and potential, as he always firmly believed that each one of us is born with the strength and huge potential to make a tangible change in the world. How he inspired himself to achieve dreams and how he went about accomplishing so much in his life, is what the book captures nicely.

Interested to read this Book! 


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You Are Unique ( Scale New Heights by the Thoughts and the Actions )  – by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and S. Kohli Poonam  

You Are Unique ( Scale New Heights by the Thoughts and the Actions ) - by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and S. Kohli Poonam

About Author:
The thoughts of A P J Abdul Kalam, in ‘You Are Unique’, with their heartfelt sincerity, chiselled logic and experienced intuition are amazing lamps on the path of life, giving strength to seek one’s Unique Self.

About  Book:
This book draws the unforgettable blue print of success for all of us. One important lesson that shimmers from every page of this book is “hope“. Whether you are facing failure or enjoying success, you always must have a clear vision of future.

In human life as well as in the todays corporate world, the value of vision, leading to planning, followed by action should not be underestimated.

This book conveys that ” The success smiles on those who dream and act “.

A message of honesty, spirituality, being unselfish and the value of giving emerges from these pages as from his life. The world has changed and there is a need for awakening  the head and the heart together.

While poems in this book touch the heart and leave a deep impression, his prose leads you to think how to go beyond the rock walls of conditioning, perceptions and prejudices to achieve success and fulfillment.

Clearly presented thoughts, in this book will become your inspiration and constant companion, flashing ‘upon the inward eye’ at your decision making, vision creating as well as ordinary moments of life.

Visually appealing, illuminating, dotted with his sweet, simple and charming experiences of life, you will love to read this book again and again.

Interested to read this Book! 


Rich Dad Poor Dad – by Robert T. Kiyosaki

About Author:

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad – the international bestseller that has held a top spot on the New York Times bestsellers list for over six years. He is an entrepreneur, investor and educator whose perspectives on money and investing fly in the face of conventional wisdom.


UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship  – by M J DeMarco

UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship - MJ DeMarco

About Author:
MJ did it again. His last book The Millionaire Fastlane was amazing and this one takes the story ahead. The concept presented in the book can make you uncomfortable, but I guess that is what is the author’s intention.


About  Book:
In this Book, he talks about how we’re all living a scripted life, a script written by someone else, and how we need to get unscripted, to be able to enjoy a more fuller, happier life.No matter what stage of life you are in, you will be able to benefit from what MJ shares in his book.Just like the Matrix, he is handing you down the Red pill, the truth, and truth has a habit of pissing you off before setting you free.

Interested to read this Book! 


I suggest, you should buy paperback or kindle edition of these books and read them. Because this best books of all time  are really worth reading. Gather some courage and dare to buy one book right now (which you feel interesting according to your needs) from this best books of all time list. Read it, take actions on what you learn from it. And I bet, from day one, you will notice empowering changes are taking place within you. Literally telling, these books are too much powerful.

Give yourself one chance to read these best books of all time, chance to grow yourself to the level you imagined.

Confused, which book to read first?Here’s the solution!



I personally have read these Best Books Of All Time in the following sequence:

  • The Power of your Subconscious Mind
  • Wings of Fire
  • You Are Unique 
  • The Millionaire FASTLANE
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  • Awaken The Giant Within 
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Think And Grow Rich

If you have any confusion with these Best Books Of All Time, you can share it with us in the comments section below. We will definitely do our best to provide you a better solution.

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