“Self-awareness is a key to self-mastery.”
Gretchen Rubin


3 Questions That Will Get You From Here 😟 To There 🏆💪


Hi Friends,


You’ll want to take out a pen and paper for this one.


There’s no such thing as Tomorrow or latter on Today




JUST DO IT Right Now with Me.


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I know you might still be in relaxation mode, but this simple exercise will set you up for 2019 in a BIG way.


Okay, got your pen and paper?




You see, if you want more power and control in ANY area of your life, you’ll want to have the answers to these three questions.


Here it is:


1. Where are you right now?
[ आप अभी किस स्थिती में है? ]
What is your current situation? If it’s finances, how much are you currently making? If it’s fitness, how much do you currently weigh?


2. Where do you want to be?
[ आपको कहां जाना है? ]
Where do you want to be? How much do you want to be making? How much do you want to weigh?


3. What is the obstacle keeping you from getting there?
[ आपको वहां पहुंचने से क्या बाधा है? ]
What’s keeping you from that goal? Why aren’t you making what you want? Why aren’t you at the weight you want to be at?


Why are these questions so important?


Because they give you clarity. And CLARITY EQUALS POWER.


When you realize this, it will change your life.


Once you know where you are… where you want to go… and the obstacle stopping you… all you need to do is remove that obstacle.
For example, Let us assume any situation.
Here are my answers:


1. Where are you right now?
I am ₹50,000 in debt, earning only ₹5000 / month


2. Where do you want to be?
I want to pay off all my debt and support my mom. Live an enjoying life.


3. What is the obstacle keeping you from getting there?
I don’t have any skills that people are willing to pay for; lack of confidence and knowledge; procrastination; don’t know how to make more money


Here as you look at answers… You can realize what is missing.


In this situation, the obstacles stopping me are having no skills that people would pay Big Money for, issue of self-confidence and lack of proper knowledge on making money, not taking action i.e. procrastination.


Hey wait…, did you wrote the answers? If not please do it fast, and then continue reading further…


Let’s continue,
Now you might have realized what is missing that stops you from having what you want.


Now FOCUS and TAKE ACTIONS to overcome these obstacles.


Once you remove those obstacles, you will get to where you wanted to go.


That’s why it’s so powerful to have answers to these questions.


Did you answer those three questions on your paper yet?


It’s important you do so.


So if you haven’t written down your answers yet, take a minute to do so now. You’ll be amazed at how you feel once the answers are on paper.


The power you’ll gain from this will give you a huge head start for 2019.


Thank You


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