How to Improve Eyesight Naturally Without Glasses

How to improve eyesight naturally without glasses: Did you got tired of contact lenses and eyeglasses? Then it's time for you to do something good for your eyes, right now !

Here you will learn how you can improve your vision (eyesight) naturally without wearing glasses.


How to improve your Eyesight Naturally Without Glasses

How To Improve Eyesight Naturally Without Glasses

Nearly about half of the world's population suffers from some kind of eyesight problem. For people those who having trouble seeing clearly, ophthalmologists readily prescribe the use of corrective lenses, such as glasses or contact lenses.

However, like with other conditions, many seek alternatives on how to improve eyesight.

Though not widely accepted in current medical practice, some eye doctors support natural treatments,  instead of simply prescribing mechanical aids to correct vision.

A large number of these practitioners also support the notion that the use of corrective lenses may only make the matter worse because the eye is allowed to remain in its abnormal state as opposed to relying on natural methods that encourage the correction of eye defects.

The guide on how to improve eyesight without glasses points to several natural methods that help your vision normalize and allows you to see clear.


1. Rest your eyes properly

Aside from getting enough sleep - a great way to help support good eye function - resting your eyes during the day can improve eye health.

During your work day, take regular breaks to rest your eyes and prevent eye strain.

People who have certain jobs, such as those that involve staring at a computer all day, should take this advice seriously to avoid developing eye problems or worsening any existing eye conditions.

One good way to give your eyes a break is the 50-10 method. For every 50 minutes spent at your computer, give your eyes a 10-minute break by looking at anything that isn't a screen.

Walk around or even just close your eyes.

An added benefit of getting up for more frequent 10-minute break is that it allows your body to stretch and keeps your blood circulating, thereby preventing cardiovascular and musculoskeletal problems that may arise from staying in one position for long periods of time every day.

Another technique is the 10-10-10 rule, which entails looking at something 10 feet away far about 10 seconds for every 10 minutes you spend working at a screen.

These techniques help prevent eye strain that could give rise to more eye problems and lay the foundation for good eye health.


2. Try this eye exercises to improve eyesight

One of the important factors on how to improve eyesight is doing eye exercises regularly.

Medical practitioners are starting to recognize eye exercises as an effective way to help improve eyesight. The concept behind it is that the eye as a whole adapts to looking at the things around us, with the eye muscles paying a significant role.

The aim of eye exercises is to strengthen the eye muscles so they can focus better.

Before you start, prepare your eyes by rubbing your palms together to warm them, and place them over both eyes for about 10 seconds. Repeat at least three times.

Next, look up to the ceiling without moving your head. Then, gently look down to the floor. Repeat 10 times, and do the same from left to right 10 times. Finish it off by rolling your eyes clockwise and counter-clockwise 10 times each.


how to improve eyesight by yoga


3. Do other exercises too

Exercises help maintain or improve the elasticity of the eye's inner structures to improve vision or prevent worsening eyesight.

One good exercise involves focusing on a moving object.


Exercises to improve eyesight naturally, healthy eyes


First, hold a pen or pencil directly in front of you with your arm stretched out. Then, focus your eyes on the pen's tip as you move it slowly toward you.

When the pen is about 6 inches away, stop and move it slowly away until your arm is stretched out again. Repeat 10 times daily.

4. Netra-Snana: ( Netra Dhauti, or Eye Cleaning)

NetraSnan (Netra = eye , Snan = bath/washing) is a simple eye cleansing technique that revives energy, brings freshness of mind and prevents/cures ailments of the eyes.


How to perform Netra Dhauti

[Following routine can be followed before practicing yoga in the mornings.]

  1. In morning, once you got up from the bed, cleanse your bowels, and brush your teeth.

  2. Lean comfortably before a wash basin/sink.Take a mouth full of water so that your cheeks are bulged out.

  3. Open your eyes widely. Take a hand full of clean water and gently splash it on one of the wide open eyes. Take another hand full of water and gently splash it on the other eye. Do this for five times alternately. Once you are done, spit out the water in your mouth.

  4. You will feel fresh after doing NetraSnan.

  5. You can also take a big pot / vessel (having its opening bigger than your face) with water, dip your face into it and open and close your eyes while your mouth is full with water.

Netra Snana, Netra dhauti, eye cleaning


Nowadays you can also buy eyecups and they can also be used for this exercise.


  • 1) Always make sure that the water used for this technique is clean and does not contain any impurities/particles.

  • 2) Splash the water gently

  • 3) Keep the eyes open while splashing the water. Initially some people may find it difficult to splash water on wide open eyes. Trying it few times will make things easier. "Practice makes a man perfect".


Benefits of Netra Dhauti:

  • This technique can be performed on any part of the day. If you feel sleepy/sluggish in the class or meetings, perform NetraSnan to get rid of boredom and lethargy.

  • Very soothing for dry and tired eyes especially for those who work on the computer for long periods of time.

  • Netra Dhauti improves eye sight and is beneficial for all kinds of eye problems. This is also a good exercise if you are suffering from head ache because headache is often related to problems with the eyes or stressed eyes.

  • Insomnia can also be eased because this exercise gives the eyes a rest and they get something like a workout during cleaning the eyes with waters which prepares them to relax.

Tips and Help:

Please Note: Don’t do it if you have wounds in your eyes or just had a surgery at your eyes.

If you have burning sensation in your eyes, use rosewater (use this one in INDIA | US) to rinse them or put a bit of it in water. If you have sore eyes, a burning sensation or if they are tearing, you can use water with Triphala, an Ayurvedic medicine in there.


5. Trataka

Try out the Indian Trataka exercise for your eyes. It will help your eyes and your mind to stay focused and concentrated.


Trataka, yoga for eyes, eyes health, improve eyesight naturally


Sit facing towards a small stationary object placed in an open space (a candle, for example). Now focus your both eyes and all of your attention on it. Try not to blink your eyes.

You should aim to have a firm, detailed image of that object in your mind and memory.

Then close your eyes gently, and focus your attention on the space between your eyebrows, trying to keep the image of the object in your head for as long as you can.

Do this for around 10 minutes.

The aim of this exercise is to achieve a clear image of something before your eyes become tired.


6. Which Foods Improve Eyesight?

Eat foods that promote healthy eyes


Foods good for eyes health


Improve eyesight with food is one of the best method.

Providing your eyes proper nutrition supports eye health. Fruits and vegetables contain essential nutrients for overall health, with green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and chard and carrots and citrus fruits being optimal choices for eye health.

Moreover, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon as well as foods with essential fatty acids, like nuts, are also great for overall health.

Aside from eating nutrient-packed foods, taking vision supplements, such as those containing lutein, zinc and vitamins A and E, will help support healthy eyesight.

Foods good for vitamins, eyes health


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Now that you know how to improve eyesight without glasses; for better results and clearer vision, it's important to regularly follow these tips to improve your vision (eyesight) naturally


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