15 Interview Tips and Tricks You Need To Do For Successful Interview

15 Interview Tips and Tricks You Need To Do For Successful Interview

Interview tips and tricks you must follow for cracking interview successfully. You can also use this guidelines as phone interview tips.


15 Interview Tips and Tricks For Successful Interview


15 Interview Tips And Tricks

In simple words, Interview is a face-to-face communication between the candidate and the interviewer. It is a two-way communication where the interviewer can obtain required information from the candidate.

You as a candidate not only responds to the questions of the interviewer, but may also ask for information about the company and of the job.

The interview is beneficial to company because the right candidate can be selected for the right job. It is also important to the candidate because it gives them opportunity to being selected for the job.

You must prepare well for the interview before, during and after the interview. Here are interview tips and guidelines to make interview more effective, and increase your chance to being selected for the job.


A. Interview Tips & Guidelines Before the Interviews:

1. Preparation

Prepare well for the interview. Read as much as possible on the subject matter related to the post. For instance, if it is a marketing job; read as much as possible on varied aspects of marketing – product design, pricing, promotion and distribution. Read general information relating the current event. Therefore, read newspaper, current magazine or any other publication to get as much information as possible. Especially, read the newspaper of the day of interview, as well as that of previous day/week.

2. Dress

Wear appropriate dress which is comfortable. Formal dress is advisable along with formal well polished shoes.

3. Certificates’ Folder :

Arrange the certificate of academic degrees in chronological order. Also, certificates of work experience needs to be arranged in the order of importance or in chronological order. Keep the copy of bio-data.

4. Reaching the Interview Venue :

On the day of interview, you should reach the venue at-least half an hour before the scheduled interview time. Do not give any excuse for reaching a bit late, if happens.

5. Concentrate and be Comfortable :

Concentrate on what makes you employable than other candidates. Think about your special strength and weaknesses. Also be comfortable. Avoid reading anything at-least half an hour before the interview. Do some deep breathing to become comfortable. Drink a bit of water, if required.

Before entering interview room, leave the sundries with another waiting candidate or with the office assistant/ peon. Do not take sundries inside the interview room. The sundries includes umbrella, raincoats, windcheater, helmet, or such other material.


B. Guidelines During the Interview :

1. Greetings :

Ask permission of interview panel to enter the interview room. Greet the interviewers. Sit only when the interviewer instructs to do so. Don’t shake hands with the interviewers unless they show inclination.

2. Be Courteous :

Use salutations like sir/madam, and courteous words like ‘please’, ‘excuse me’, ‘thank you’ whenever required.

3. Eye Contact :

Maintain eye contact. Eye contact must be maintained with all the interviewers and not just one of them. Especially, eye contact is required at the time of responding the questions. Maintain eye contact with one interviewer at a time.

4. Facial Expressions :

Maintain a good facial expression. Give a genuine smile. Practice your smile before the interview. Say all the vowel sounds – a, e i, o, u – to make your facial muscles relax. Be cool and relaxed in spite of provocations or controversial statements, especially in the case of stress interview.

5. Response :

Responding to the questions is the vital part of the interview :

  • Listen attentively to the questions. Do not do day dreaming. Listen to all details of the questions.
  • Answer the questions adequately in a simple and clear language.
  • Answer with a pause, if you are comfortable. It is worthwhile to pause to think before answering each time.
  • Do not give fake replies. In case you cannot answer, tell plainly – ‘ I’m sorry ‘.
  • Do not argue with the interviewers and at the same time you don’t have to necessarily agree with the interviewers. They may be testing your ability to argue, or to be patient.


C. Guidelines After the Interview :

1. Collect your Papers/Certificates :

Collect all relevant papers or certificates which you handed over to the interviewers, unless the interviewers want to retain a copy of the certificates. Put the chair (on which you were sitting) in proper place.

2. Show Usual Courtesy :

Thank the interviewers for giving you an opportunity of the interview. Greet the interviewers – ‘ Have a nice day ‘.

3. Body Language :

Have a good facial expression before leaving. Give a genuine smile. Do not extend your hand for handshake unless the interviewer show the inclination. Walk upright. Do not look back at the interviewers.

4. Avoid Talking to the Waiting Candidates :

Avoid talking to the waiting candidates unless they request you to do so. If agreed to talk, do so in a soft voice. Do not disclose the contents of the interview, if possible. Avoid criticizing the interviewers even their mannerisms, if any.

5. Ask for Feedback :

If rejected, ask politely for feedback, if it is possible. The feedback may help you in future interviews in the same organization or some other. At the same time, review the questions and response. This may help in future interviews


I hope this interview tips and tricks will have you success in your upcoming interview.


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