‘An Answered Prayer’ is an inspirational poem that will help you to see, observe and feel life with a complete different perspective. It’s one of the best short inspirational poems.

An Answered Prayer - Life Changing short Inspirational poem


[Short Inspirational Poem]

We asked for strength, God gave us
Difficulties to make us strong
We asked for wisdom, God gave us
Problem to solve

We asked for prosperity, God gave us
Brains and braver to work
We asked for courage, God gave us
Dangers to overcome

We asked for love, God gave us opportunities

We received nothing we wanted
We received everything we wanted
We received everything we needed
Our prayer had-been answered.

– Nair Shweta Muralidharan

I hope this short inspirational poem empowered you to understand the magical thing called ‘LIFE’ and to live it to your fullest.

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