How to Write A Resume with No Experience | Beginners Guide

Looking for how to write a resume with no experience. Here I have shared some basic steps on how to write resume the best way.

Resume is the summary of qualities, academic and professional qualifications, work experience, achievements and awards of the candidate applying for the job. It is the selling tool to make the prospective employer to influence his decision to call the candidate for the job tests/interview.

How to Write A Resume The Best Way | Sftep-by-Step Beginners Guide

How to Write A Resume for Job | Step-by-Step Beginners Guide

Let’s start with the tips on How to Write A Resume for your Dream Job! 🙂

Basic Guidelines :

You can write Resume in chronological order, i.e. from most recent to the earliest one. You should preferably type resume on a single A4 size paper or at the most, it may occupy two pages.

Your resume must be in simple and clear language and avoid jargons. Don’t attach certificates unless asked for.

Structure of Resume:

The following are the different parts that should be included in your resume.

  • Personal information: It should include your name, address, age, contact phone number, fax number (if any), and e-mail address. You can write it on the left side at the top of the page.
  • Photograph: You should paste your recent passport size photograph at the right side at the top of the resume page. Provide it, even if it is not asked for.
  • Goal Statement: you may make a goal statement relating to the functional area of interest combined with the industry, if necessary. For eg. ‘An entry level position of an assistant in the brand promotion area in the FMCG industry. ‘
  • Education: State your recent educational data first followed by the earlier ones in reverse chronological order. State the degree, university/Institute, year of passing with grades, percentage of marks, distinctions, rank obtained, scholarships, and prizes, if any.
  • Work Experience: If you have work experience state it effectively. It would enable your employer to evaluate whether or not you have the necessary background for the current position. List the jobs in reverse chronological order – most recent one first. It should be stated as:
    1. Company’s Name, location, and dates of employment for each company.
    2. Position or designation you held in each company.
    3. Your Major achievements in the position you held in each company.
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  • Extra-curricular activities: You may mention the extra-curricular activities that you are currently engaged in. It may include sport activities, cultural activities, social service activities, etc
  • Awards/Prizes: You can highlight special prizes and awards, won by you, in the resume. It may be your academic, on the job, cultural or sports awards.
  • Preferential Category: In India, especially in Government organizations, preference is given to certain sections of the society. Such as ex-serviceman, freedom fighter, physically challenged, etc. You should provide evidence for the same.
  • References: You may provide at least two references for verification of your credentials and work experience. You can include Name, contact number Or e-mail of the previous employer/superior or any other respectful person.
  • Signature: You must put your signature on the resume. The signature makes your resume authentic.


I hope this article have helped you to gain some insights on How To Write A Resume For Job.

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