How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind & Quickly Achieve Every Single Thing You Want


How to reprogram subconscious mind


Affirmations are the best and most effective ways to reprogram your subconscious mind. Speaking out affirmations with great deal of enthusiasm will absolutely bring you results to reprogram your mind.

Affirmations are the sentences that align our brain powers in particular order that supports and helps us to maintain proper attitude towards life and take action to achieve our goals.

Here are the things which I wanted to achieve. I hope it will cover most of the things you want too. If something is missing, you can add it to the list which you personally want to achieve.

Eg: If you want to reprogram yout mind to exercise daily. So you can make it as

“I exercise regularly to keep myself fit & healthy”

Just remember, while saying this imagine yourself as doing exercises, eating healthy foods and having proper healthy lifestyle. 😊

Point is, whatever your desired outcomes are, imagine yourself as you are taking actions, doing that particular work. 

Don’t just imagine outcome and say I am done. This is the key point that will help you succeed. Imagine yourself as doing that work, giving yourself 100%.



So here are the statements which I personally use. I request you to make list of your desired actions and read them just after you wake up in the morning and before sleeping in night.


My Purpose in Life:

Discover The Highest Possibility, The Highest Potential of Me (my body, my mind).


  • Whatever happens, I have the Power & Ability to bring the best out of it; and make the end result Worth Watching.
  • My Life is 100% my Responsibility.
  • I am Fast Implementer. Because Procrastination is equals to Poverty
  • My Mind, my Body & my TIME are my most valuable & precious assets. I will always use them effectively & efficiently, and work to develop and strengthen them.
  • I am a Self Starter, I enjoy getting things done.
  • I complete task quickly & effectively within dedicated time.
  • I Play To WIN 🏆💪
  • I am becoming successful, healthy & wealthy everyday.
  • I am improving myself everyday.
  • I will not decrease My Standard, I will increase My Efforts
  • I will keep increasing my standards and consistently strive to achieve them, i.e. consistent growth
  • I love Myself & my body, and I take care of it.
  • My purpose is to expand my capabilities of doing things I want. To explore the infinite potential of my mind and my body.
  • I want to see what I can do, how much I can do, how well can I do.
  • The tasks I do towards my aim doesn’t make me feel tiered, instead I am excited because they consistently take me one step👣 closer towards my goals,…. my dreams…. my purpose.
  • I am energetic, enthusiastic, passionate about living every moment to fullest. I give my 100% to it. i.e. complete awareness
  • I take massive action towards my goals everyday.
  • I am capable of doing and being anything
  • No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, I’m going to make it.
  • I Love the Result, so I will do whatever work (ethical/legal – either I like or not) it takes to make it happen.
  • I deliver what I promise to myself.
  • Success is my Duty, Responsibility and Obligation.
  • पहले काम फिर आराम 😎, अगर मिले तो.
  • 6 hrs sleep is enough for achieving Big Goals. Just sleep faster.
  • Everything WORKS if I Work
  • It’s Not Over Until I WIN 🏆
  • (My dreams, goals, planned tasks) It matters to me, and I make sure that I do them at their best.
  • My Dreams, Goals and Health is first and most important, then whatever other things.
  • Yes I shall face challenges but I am strong enough to overcome them all and WIN.
  • I do every work, every task with 100% awareness, engagement & focus. And always learn something from it.
  • I eat to fuel my body, not satisfy an appetite.



While reading your statements record your voice, listen it when you have time. And most importantly when you are feeling demotivated do listen or read these statements.


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1) I Myself Used It

I listened, read and watched many things but that worked for sometime and faded away. I guarantee you when you will start reading your life’s statements in the initial period, as you read you will feel energized, motivated but may be within a day or few hours you will come back to normal state which you were.


Here is the point. This is the way (1st phase), that this technique is going to work. You have to trust your abilities, keep faith in you and practice it every single day, every morning and every night and any time in between. Because in long term, this is the only way to reprogram your subconscious mind.


I know, when I started doing it, it was difficult for me too; to retain that energy within me which I gain after reading my statements. Currently I am also doing the same which I told you. The only thing you have to do is sit comfortably; imagine what kind of life you want to live.

Accordingly write down the qualities required for it, convert them into statements and start reading them. One more thing which is very much important is keep updating your list i.e. whenever you find any new quality which you want to learn, write it down in the list.

At the same time as it clicks in your mind, note it down anywhere as quickly as possible, because our brain continuously keeps thinking and there are more chances that you will forget your statement.

Make it your habit to write down statements (at least roughly) right now on whatever you have in your hand. It may be Notes App in your mobile, backside of the book you are reading, or at any place where you can read it again. Now make sure when you have time you include it in your list.


2) Why I’m insisting you to do this?

Because I myself have suffered this so I know the pain and discomfortness, the sense inside the mind that kills us within, that feeling of relentlessness.

Aah…hh.., that everything!

I really don’t want any other person to go through this. When it starts paining in head, sometimes it felts like the vessels in the brain are getting bigger and bigger and within no time they can burst out at any fraction of time [It remembers me the Cadbury Dairy Milks Éclairs chocolate advertisement]

I really don’t want me, you or any other person to suffer from this feeling.

I hope you understand now why I’m sharing this with you.



So practice Affirmations daily to reprogram your subconscious mind. And don’t forget to share your experience with me and other readers in the comments section below.

I hope and wish you all a very Happy, Joyful & prosperous Life 😊😇


Thank You so much for reading 😉

Singing Off, ✌👋

Jaydeep Harale 😊



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