Tips to improve communication skills

14 Tips You Should Know For Effective Communication Skills

For an effective communication skills, you have to follow certain guidelines. Here are the guidelines you should follow for effective communication :


Tips You Should Know For Effective Communication Skills

Develop Effective Communication Skills

    1. Read :

    You  must read extensively. Reading helps to extend the knowledge of language and subject matter. Good amount of reading will help you to express better.

    2. Listen Intelligently :

    Representation of skills Communication is a two-way process. Listening is just as important as speaking. Similarly, try reading your written message as if you are the recipient, and consider its effectiveness.

    To learn how to be a good listener, read our article on tips to develop effective listening skills.


    3. Clarity of Purpose :

    In the first place, you must be clear about the purpose of communication. You have to know the purpose or objective of your communication with your audience.

    4. Think an Plan :

    Think before you speak or write. Plan all your communication properly, whether written or oral.

    5. Use Appropriate Language :

    Use clear and simple language. Simple language is the only kind that most people understand and appreciate. Use the words and language, which your target audience will understand better.

    6. Select Proper Media :

    You must consider carefully the method to be used for communicating your message. It should be appropriate depending upon the objective, urgency of situation, and other factors.

    7. Be Open-minded :

    Consider other people’s viewpoints. Adapt and change your methods or techniques of communication, if required.

    8. Obtain Feedback :

    Always try to obtain feedback from listeners, or readers. Feedback must be obtained to find out the effectiveness of communication.

    9. Set High Standards :

    Set and maintain high standards in your communication, both in terms of language and presentation.

    10. Proper use of Body Language :

    In case of oral presentation or face-to-face communication, body language is a must. One should maintain a proper posture, pleasing gestures and effective eye contact.

    To know more about how the body language should be and it’s role in our day-to-day communication, read our article on body language and it’s importance.

    11. Focus on the Needs of Receiver :

    Whenever you communicate, always keep in mind the receiver and his needs. The communication must serve some purpose or value to the receiver.

    12. Completeness of the Message :

    An effective communication must is complete in all respects. A complete message should provide all the necessary facts and figures to the recipient of the message.

    13. Socio-cultural Background :

    The communicator must understand the socio-cultural background of the audience. Proper understanding of such background will help the communicator to communicate effectively with his audience.

    14. ABC of Communication :

    Last but not least, the writer should know ABC of communication, i.e. accuracy, brevity and clarity in communication.

    For more expertise, I will suggest you to read the book How to Win Friends & Influence People – by Dale Carnegia ( Author )

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