Learn How To Develop Effective Leadership Skills Today!

Learn How To Develop Effective Leadership Skills Today!

Leadership skills refer to the capabilities of an effective leader. The capabilities depend on the characteristics or traits of a leader.



14 Traits For Effective Leadership Skills Master Them Today!


Every one of us is living a life with many opportunities roaming around us to improve our life. But not everybody can grab it.


OK, don’t think too much, or hit your head on the wall because it happened with me too.

Now, let me tell you the reason. It’s simple, we can’t lead ourselves in the direction where our goal is. What does it mean? It means that you don’t take responsibility for your life, keep blaming situations and every other thing you find, relating it in any way to your failure, only just because you feel it so. Are these real reasons for your failure?


The real reason, you are unable to accomplish your goals is you don’t have well established and effective leading capabilities I.e. good leadership skills. That will lead not only you but all other people around you to live a better life.

Let’s come to the point when you have the opportunity, you need to take commands in your hands, to strive to achieve your goals or objectives (ultimately which is success and happiness). Be a leader and lead yourself along with others towards a better and happy life.

So, ARE YOU READY to inculcate the characteristics of leadership, and to be a leader when the time offers it to you to do so. Then here we go …

Leadership skills refer to the capabilities of an effective leader. The capabilities depend on the characteristics or traits of a leader. Some of the important qualities/traits that improve leadership skills  include :


1. Personality

Successful leaders have a pleasing personality in the sum of physical, mental and social qualities. Personality is the only character of a good leader to influence the subordinates. The other qualities listed below are different facets of an effective personality.


2. Human Skills

The human skills refer to interpersonal skills. The leaders must understand the Feelings, Emotions and expectations of the subordinates, such knowledge would enable the leader to develop an interpersonal relationship with the subordinates (peoples around us), which are vital in any organization (any field in our life).


3. Communication Skills

Effective Leaders are good communicators. Effective communication in three critical areas is the key to win trust and confidence of subordinates :

  1. Enabling subordinates to understand the company’s overall business strategy to achieve a goal.
  2. Informing the subordinates regarding their contribution to organizational objectives.
  3. Sharing information with subordinates regarding the performance of the organization in general and a unit in particular.


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4. Administrative Skills

Leaders need to have good administrative skills. Administrative skills are required to undertake management functions such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling.


5. Decision Making Skills

Leaders need to be good decision-makers. They need to identify the problems. Accordingly, alternative solutions must be listed. After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of every alternative solution, leaders need to select the best solution to solve the problem.


6. Conceptual Skills

The conceptual skills are required to visualize or analyze problems or situations. Top-level leaders need to consider a long term perspective. They need to handle difficult or complex situations.


7. Innovative

A leader needs to be creative and innovative. He/she should have the imagination to develop new ideas or new ways to handle the activities or situations. A good number of subordinates expect a leader to be innovative so that they can undertake new and meaningful activities.


8. Initiative

A leader needs to have a quality of initiative. He should be in a position to do the right things at a time without being told by others. He should take decisions without causing delays and inconvenience to others. He must encourage initiative in his subordinates as well.


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9. Intelligence

A leader needs to be intelligent to make good decisions and to deal with peoples. Leaders need to have both intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence. This would enable the leader to make the right decision not only in the interest of an organization but also in the interest of subordinates.


10. Ethics And Values

To be a great leader you need to have great ethics and values. If you are out to cheat and manipulate people you will lose faith and trust of people. Every great leader needs to have honesty, integrity, compassion and courage.


11. Respect And Trust

Peoples are naturally drawn to leaders whom they trust and respect. Fear and control based leadership could get some followers in the short term, but such coercive leaders could not earn the loyalty of their subordinates. To build a loyalty, the leader must be someone who can be trusted and respected.


12. Delegation

One cannot do everything. The leader needs to delegate tasks effectively. The need to know each member’s strengths and weaknesses and delegate responsibilities accordingly. This would make the team members feel appreciated and recognized.


13. Appreciation

A great leader values each team member and makes each team member valuable. This ensures each member of the team feels their role is important and appreciated. Praise in public and criticize in private.


14.  Handling Success And Failures

A great leader must know how to handle both success and failure. Celebrate the successes. At the same time, the leader should learn from the failures. Remember, whenever there is any success; attribute it to the entire team. When the team faces failure, accept responsibility for the failure.


Remember: To develop those characteristics mentioned above and improve leadership skills,

  1. You need to believe them;
  2. Have faith in yourself,
  3. Keep patience and practice them regularly for better results
  4. Encrypt them deep within your mind such that they should be like your natural/genuine traits.


I hope you learned something new by reading this post on Leadership skills.

If Yes, then please share these leadership skills and traits with your friends & colleagues

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