Best Grant Cardone quotes : Grant Cardone is an successful entrepreneur, best selling author and sales expert. Here are some of the grant cardone success quotes  that will inspire you.

Check out these Inspirational Grant Cardone Sales & Success Quotes :


10 Motivational Grant Cardone Quotes


TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY : If it’s worth doing, do it now. – Grant Cardone

Take action immediately - Grant Cardone success quotes

HIT TARGETS : Never reduce a target & do whatever is necessary to achieve it. 

– Grant Cardone Quotes

Hit Targets - inspirational quotes

KEEP STATISTICS ON VITALS : If it’s important I measure it – Grant Cardone

Keep statistics on vitals - Grant Cardone sales tips

80/20 RULE : 20% had to pay for the 80% that doesn’t. – Grant Cardone

80-20 Rule - best grant cardone quotes

MAKE DECISIONS QUICKLY : Yes or No, not maybe – Grant Cardone

Make decisions quickly - Success quotes

BEAT THE SUN UP : Get an early start on the day – Grant Cardone

Beat the sun up - inspirational grant cardone images

REPEAT SUCCESSFUL ACTIONS : Double down on what worked – Grant Cardone

Repeat successful actions - success 10x quotes by grant cardone

CUT OUT THE NONSENSE : Remove activities that can’t reward you – Grant Cardone

Cut out the nonsense - life quotes by grant cardone

ACKNOWLEDGE STRANGERS : Go out of your way to acknowledge someone you don’t know – Grant Cardone

Acknowledge strangers - Grant Cardone life quotes

BE COURAGEOUS : Practice a courageous act daily – Grant Cardone

Be courageous - quotes by grant cardone
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