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Qrant Cardone is a very successful entrepreneur, sales expert & trainer, and best selling author. He successfully runs businesses in real estate, digital media, education & training, and many more. He also conduct live sales training events.

These motivational quotes by Grant Cardone will give you a different but amazing perspective of life and business.

Let us directly start with the Grant Cardone quotes. 

51+ Grant Cardone Quotes To Inspire You

We will start with these Grant Cardone 10X quotes and habits 💯👍


Success Quotes By Grant Cardone


Success Quotes By Grant Cardone

Do you want to be rich and successful in your life? Then you need to read this Grant Cardone success quotes. 🏆💪

1. “Money and success demand attention. Ignore either and you will have neither.” – Grant Cardone

2. “All your DREAMS await just on the other side of your Fears.” 

– Grant Cardone Motivational Quotes

3. “Freedom is not something you buy, but something you Earn.”  – Grant Cardone

4. “Success is no different than any other Skill. Duplicate the Actions & Mindsets of Successful people and you will Create Success for Yourself.”  – Grant Cardone

5. “Success is a full Time Job.”  – Grant Cardone

6. “If you’re not First, you’re Last.” – Grant Cardone

7. “Very successful people don’t seek comfort; they seek Success and are willing to do what is most uncomfortable. But most of the world is seeking comfort and familiarity, which are traps that cause you to settle for the mediocre.”  – Grant Cardone


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Grant Cardone Quotes On Goals

  1. “Have GOALS so Big your problems pale in comparison.”  – Grant Cardone
  2. “Set no Targets and you will get nowhere.” – Grant Cardone
  3. “Never Lower Your Target; Increase Your Actions.” – Quotes by Grant Cardone
  4. “As long as you are Alive, you will either Live to Accomplish Your OWN GOALS & DREAMS or be used as a resource to accomplish someone else’s.” Grant Cardone
  5. “Let the rest do whatever, while you do whatever it takes.” Grant Cardone
  6. “Don’t go to work to work, go to work to prosper.”
  7. “There’s no shortage of money, only of people thinking big enough.”
  8. “Small thinking has and always will be punished in one way or another.”



Quotes by Grant Cardone On Obstacles

  1. “Every Adventure will contain Experiences you would never want.”
  2. “If you don’t confront the Tough stuff it will always have control over you.” Grant Cardone
  3. “Make Time, Not Excuses.” – Grant Cardone Quotes
  4. “Just because most don’t make it doesn’t mean you can’t.” – Grant Cardone
  5. “Investing Energy and Resources in yesterday prevents you from creating the Future you deserve.” – Grant Cardone
  6. “Disciplined, Consistent, and Persistent actions are more of a determining factor in the creation of success than any other combination of things.” – Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone Quotes On Attitude

  1. “Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility.”  – Grant Cardone
  2. “Approach every situation with a Whatever-It-Takes-Mindset.”  – Grant Cardone
  3. “Whatever you want, Go All In and DOMINATE, Learn it, Eat it, Sleep it, Breath it and Believe it.”  – Grant Cardone Quotes
  4. “Your Family is depending on you. No better reason to Bring All Your Game All The Time.”  – Grant Cardone
  5. “Staying Poor is Selfish.” – Grant Cardone
  6. “Don’t just make money, make a difference.” – Grant Cardone
  7. “I don’t go to work to work, I hate that saying! I want you to go to work to prosper. Go to work for freedom. This is what wealthy people do different than anybody else. Wealthy people work for freedom. They’re not working for comfort items, not for a weekend, they’re working for freedom.” – Grant Cardone


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Grant Cardone Quotes On Hustling

  1. “I don’t have Time is the Biggest Lie you tell yourself.” – Grant Cardone
  2. “Never Lower Your Price, Add Value.”  – Grant Cardone 10X Quotes
  3. “Leaving your comfort zone is hard. Staying broke is hard. Pick your hard.” – Grant Cardone
  4. “You sleep like you’re rich… I’m up like I’m broke.” – Grant Cardone
  5. “Hustle, you don’t have to struggle.” – Grant Cardone
  6. “You sleep to rest the body. You wake up to make your dreams a reality.” – Grant Cardone



Quotes By Grant Cardone On Determination

  1. “Approach every situation with an ‘In It To Win It. Whatever It Takes’ mindset. Sound too aggressive? Sorry but that is the outlook required to Win nowadays.”  – Grant Cardone
  2. “Your Greatness is limited only by the INVESTMENTS you make in Yourself.” – Grant Cardone
  3. “Go the Extra Mile. There’s no one on it.” – Grant Cardone
  4. “Your excuses might be legit, but they won’t improve your life.” – Grant Cardone
  5. “Everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission.”  – Grant Cardone
  6. “Focus on creating and producing a future, not what happened yesterday.” – Grant Cardone



Motivational Quotes From Grant Cardone

This motivational quotes by Grant Cardone will help you to deal with negative people.

  1. “You’ll never be Admired without being criticized first.”  – Grant Cardone Quotes
  2. “No matter how much it may seem otherwise, no one has Control of your Life but You.” – Grant Cardone Motivational Quotes
  3. “Never fear the haters. You can’t reach your potential without them.”  – Quotes by Grant Cardone
  4. “The ambitious are criticised by those that have given up.”  – Grant Cardone
  5. “Your success will be compromised by your need to be liked by everyone.”  – Grant Cardone
  6. “Don’t criticize My Swag. Find Yours.” – Grant Cardone



Life Quotes By Grant Cardone: Grant Cardone 10x Quotes

  1. “Show up early. Treat people with respect and perform at the Highest Levels till the world can’t deny you.” – Grant Cardone
  2. “The average call me obsessed, the successful call me for advice.”  – Grant Cardone
  3. “Average is a failing formula.”  – Grant Cardone
  4. “If you don’t do something, you’ll end up being nothing.”  – Grant Cardone
  5. “What you have done is nothing compared to what you can do.”  – Grant Cardone 10x Quotes
  6. “Almost every problem people face in their careers and other aspects of their lives – such as failed diets, marriages, and financial problems – are all the result of not taking enough action.” – Grant Cardone




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Jeremiah Say · 24th April 2020 at 5:36 pm

An inspiring entrepreneur and salesperson who doesn’t believe in average. It is either go big or go home, there’s no other way for this guy. That’s why I have such a huge admiration for Grant Cardone.

Thanks for the quotes.

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