The Brightest Of Them All "TRUE HAPPINESS" [Poem]

True Happiness is an emotional, mental and physical state when we feel, enjoy and live every moment to its fullest. 

Let us read this amazing poem on Happiness

True Happiness | Enjoyment | happiness definition | happiness quotes about life


Where the sky is blue,
Where the rose is red,
Where the violets are of a rich hue
Where the grass is strewn with dew.

And flowers blossom with gusto,
Where weeds never grow,
And the rainbow bridges feelings,
Where humans love and share,
And cats play with dogs!!
There, you will find me.

Yes, you will find me there!!
The stars shine brighter than diamonds,
And the jasmines shine like pearls,
And the stream bubbling, clear cold
Will bring joy, more than gold.

Then your sorrows will not matter,
You are sure to find me there…..
Yes I am happiness
Bright and truly fair!!!!.

True Happiness poem | Enjoy | happiness definition | happiness quotes about life

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